Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Roadtrip Part 7 - Skye

After a very enjoyable week around Arisaig, the paddlewaggon took me to Skye. Here I met up with Julie for five days paddling in wonderful conditions.

Near Kyleakin we came across a bloom of jellyfish all trying hard to strand themselves in the receeding water.

Next day we paddled into Coruisk from Elgol. The view into the Cuillin was spectacular

In the absence of a sandy beach, we made do with a landing on rocks at the Scavaig river. Having enjoyed weeks without rain, Skye was parched dry and the river was just a trickle.

Next day, we set off from Elgol in the opposite direction in the search for Spar Cave. Cliff scenary was spectacular.

The first cave we found had some pretty stalactites, but was clearly not Spar Cave

Here it is, from a very undramatic entrance, a passageway leads up over gour pools to a chamber lined with calcite.

The gour pools complete with cave pearls bear a striking resemblance to the surface of tripe.

For the next two days we paddled in Kyle Rhea but sadly no photos.

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