Thursday 24 February 2011

Check out my latest adventure

Along with two friends, Jimski and Sean I'll be setting out to begin the Cumberland Ring on Saturday. This is a circumnavigation of the Lake District...well, sort of. We'll be starting on Scandal beck, aiming to be scandal free, and cruising on down the Eden for two days, then completing the circuit with the River Lune and the coast between Lancaster and Carlisle. We'll be writing a blog of our journey which you can find at . Please sign up as a follower and keep in touch with us as we go along.

Here's me blogging away.

Sunday 20 February 2011

I won!

Here's me at the start...

Here's David ready to go...

And I got to the finish first in a time of 2hrs 12 minutes. My route was somewhat shorter than David's at 18.5km compared to his 23.7km and of course he had all the hills.

Here's my speed profile. The first bit is a touch variable as I was paddling upstream just where Windermere becomes the river Leven, trying desperately to stay out of the current. The first little blip is where I put my pogies on, and the second is when I realised that my footrests were not in the same place each side. Apart from that, there were no stops. The slightly faster bit in the middle is where I tried wash hanging a small power boat. It worked, but it was going just a little bit too fast for me and I couldn't keep it up for long.

Saturday 19 February 2011

The gauntlet's been thrown

Which is faster, me in my boat, or David my boyfriend running? Tomorrow I'm going to find out. He's challenged me to a race from one end of Windermere to the other. His route is slightly longer than mine, and includes a few ups and downs while mine includes a short stretch of adverse current at the start and then, I hope a favourable wind along the 11 and a half miles of England's longest lake.

We're going to start at Newby Bridge and race to Waterhead at Ambleside. To see who wins you're going to have to log on tomorrow and check out the blog.