Wednesday 20 March 2013

It's March. Why is it still winter?

It's another freezing cold weekend so where better to go than Anglesey. Seven well dressed paddlers assembled at Church Bay ready for a trip with the tide round Carmel head to Cemlyn and back. That was the plan. Jimski in his plastic fantastic decided to test out every little nook and cranny of the coastline. At one point he decided he didn't even need water.

Or paddles.

Here he is checking for damage, fortunately none found. Those Delphins are made of tough stuff.

There were caves and arches to explore.

And Claire even took a dip.

Anything Jimski can do, Norbert will try and follow. Here he is giving his skeg some air time.

After lunch, the Skerries looked enticingly close, so with a few guestimated tidal calculations Jimski led us in what looked like an impossible direction. What he of course knew was that the tidal flow was increasing rapidly and was at a rate faster than we could hope to paddle against. His enthusiasm was so great that we had to do an abrupt about-turn to avoid overshooting the island group.

The picture makes it look like summer but I can assure you it was pretty cold.

Here's the team on the top of the Skerries, with Carmel Head gap in the background.
What a day!