Saturday 22 August 2009

A Constellation of Starfish?

What is the collective noun for starfish? This little piece of trivia might have been very useful to me this morning as Jimski and I went for a dawn paddle at Roa Island. We were searching for an elusive pair of islands called St Helena and the Falklands and a sand bank called South America.

Making the most of huge spring tides we launched an hour before low water in the hope of finding and circumnavigating these only to be found at low water South Atlantic gems.

After a short paddle, we find ourselves landing on St Helena.

Found the odd starfish. I thought this one looked pretty on Jim's boat. Hmm starfish on boats...think someone else might have thought of that first

The starfish take a liking to Jim's feet. Is there any such thing as a man eating starfish?

Then we found a few more.

Jim on the summit of St Helena.

Jim on the highest point in South America.

After a search, we concluded that the South America sandbank had moved and was now covering the spot where we though the Falklands should have been. It's not the first time South America has captured the Falklands is it?

After a well earned breakfast at the Bosun's Locker at Roa Island, we had a look at the tide by the lifeboat station. Quite impressive!


  1. The collective noun for starfish is a constellation

  2. The collective noun for starfish is Tird