Sunday, 29 November 2009

A sneaky day in the sun

A sunny day in the winter is something special to be savoured, and where better than The Skerries. As we set off from Cemlyn bay in the final hour of ebb the rocky islets and lighthouse looked deceptively close. About a knot of tide assisted our progress and it wasn't long before we were circumnavigating, then landing on the islands. During lunch the tidal flow slowed and by the time we relaunched the flood was well underway, especially close to Carmel Head as we were to discover while trying to cross the short gap to the headland. The return journey to Cemlyn was straightforward, following the shore with a bit of rockhopping for good measure. It was fantastic to be out on the water in such good weather after what seems like weeks of continuous rain. The picture says it all.

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