Saturday, 1 June 2013

Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, which shouldn't have been a surprise as it's always sunny on Skye. About 250 paddlers took to the water, this group looking at forward paddling technique.

 Gordon's fun and games session was a fantastic way of developing balance in or on the boat.

Greenland style paddling skills and rolling were popular sessions.

As was rescue practice.

More rolling practice.

Last session of the main event and it's all starting to get quite relaxed.

Here's a picture of my new stealth boat.

And here's a big group of paddlers enjoying the trip between Kyleakin and Plockton, with the Cuillin in the background.

Near Tarskavaig we saw otters, there were two but one swam off before I could get a picture.

Then at the deserted village of Boreraig were found an adder in the grass.

Nearby are several amonite imprints.

Here's the stunning view as we paddled into Coruisk from Elgol.

Impossibly calm conditions as we came in to land on the island of Soay.

The main event was three days followed by four days of guided journeys. 250 paddlers were involved and it was fantastic to see so many people out on the water together.

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