Monday, 22 April 2013

Kefalonia Day 2

Day 2 dawned calm and sunny. Conditions were perfect as we launched and began the short crossing from our small island back to the south western corner of Kefalonia.

The cliffs were full of caves and arches. This one proved irresistible to Mark who swam through.

First lunch was taken at a closed beach bar. The plan for each day was to stop for two lunch breaks. The problem with this was that I ate two lunches every day.

After lunch we turned a corner and were exposed to significant swell and paddling into a headwind. The photo doesn't really do the swell justice but the rest of the time I didn't want to take my hand off the paddle for long enough to get a picture.

Second lunch involved landing through dumping surf onto a pebble beach. Team tactics were needed but got everyone safely ashore. Once on the beach it was an easy decision that this would be our campsite.

As part of a project to develop more interesting expedition food, I trialled a recipe for bannock bread. The breads worked very well and were enjoyed with honey.

Here we are enjoying the evening sun.

And I couldn't resist adding this photo. Giles creates some interesting shadows in his tent.

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