Monday, 22 April 2013

Kefalonia Day 4

Another beautiful blue sky day and what better way to start than with a dip? That's what Mark thought anyway.

Here we are getting packed up ready for another day of stunning scenary.

This guy motored along, catching fish in his beautifully painted boat.

As most of the group cut a corner and paddled from one headland to the next, a few of us paddled towards a little harbour near the village of Zola. In the shallow water we came across this Loggerhead turtle. It was a fantastic moment in a trip otherwise lacking in interesting wildlife.

As we made our way along the coast towards the village of Assos, the cliffs became more and more interesting. Caves everywhere, and the water calm enough to be able to enjoy them fully.

After paddling round the old fort at Assos we made it into the harbour. It was a long walk from the landing to the bar.

I took a walk up to the old fort, largely destroyed by the 1953 earthquake. This picture is the coastline that we were to paddle the following day

This is Assos harbour from the balcony of the guest house where we stayed. It was very welcome to stay indoors and wash off four days worth of salt encrustation.

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