Monday, 22 April 2013

Kefalonia Day 1

April is a great time to visit kefalonia. The tourists haven't arrived yet, the beaches are empty, and the sea is just starting to warm up. This is the beach, close to the airport where we launched having packed our boats for a 6 day trip.

Once underway, we explored in and out of arches and caves and along cliffs. The limestone was yellow in places...

...and white in others.

There were plenty of caves.

During our second lunch stop, our local guide Pavlos told us that the clay in the cliffs was supposed to be good for the complexion. Bruce decided to try it out.

Our first campsite on the island of Vardiani was close to the remains of an old chapel, destroyed by earthquake in 1953 and since rebuilt in concrete blocks.

The concrete built lighthouse on the island stands amongst the remains of another earthquake shattered precursor. Climbing to the top gave a fantastic view of our island.

Here's Pete at the top

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